Bastak Quality Control Devices are manufactured at world standards in Bastak Factory, which is a member of IAOM, AACC from America, ICC from Europe, DESMUD from Turkey and has ICC, ISO, CE, Bipea, FSSC, US and European Utility Models and Patents, Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) Accredited Laboratory, TSE Service Competence Certificate.

ICC standard methods, which have been applied for more than 60 years for food quality control, food safety and security for the health and welfare of all people, serve as a guide for international trade, national and international legislation, industry standards such as ISO and TSE, and food manufacturers and control laboratories for the safety and quality assessment of cereals and cereal products, foods and feeds. Bastak Instruments has broken new ground in Turkey and the world by introducing 4 new ICC methods to the world.

As Bastak Instruments, our method study titled "Determining the wet gluten, gluten index and dry gluten of the whole wheat meal and wheat flour using Bastak equipment" has been accepted as ICC Draft Standard No.192 by ICC, the International Cereal Science and Technology Association.

The method study titled "Estimation of Alpha-Amylase Activity level based on viscosity in determination of 'Falling Number' using Bastak Instruments FNCheq device" has been accepted as ICC Draft Standard No.189 by ICC, the International Cereal Science and Technology Association, in 2021 and made available to the world.

As Bastak Instruments, by being included in the ICC booklet with Draft Standard 192 and Draft Standard 189 in the last 2 years; our method will be taught and our devices will be used in all institutes and laboratories belonging to universities, research institutes, educational institutions, government laboratories and other public and private sectors, especially in the USA, Europe and Canada and all other countries.

The results of Bastak Brand 4000 and 4500 model roller mill, 1900 model hammer mill, 8000 model sieve shaking device, 5000 and 5100 model FNCheq (Falling Number) device, 2100 model Gluten Centrifuge Cheq, 2500 model Dry Cheq and 6100 model gluten Cheq devices, which have international ICC standards, have become acceptable in the world.

Our methods have been approved by experts and scientists in the field and we continue to support the participation of international research and projects. We are proud of the method we have brought to the world and we will continue to support scientific and sectoral research by following the developing technologies.