Why Bastak

Why Bastak

Welcome to Bastak Group Companies!

Bastak Technology Systems Limited Company, the first of Bastak Group Companies, was established 24 years ago in 1999 in Ankara and operates in the manufacturing of quality control devices. Our company has the world's widest product range in this field with a total of 72 types of Food, Cereals, Oil Seeds and Pulses quality control devices and 35 types of flour additives, 52 of which are our own production. In addition, it also produces the world's most advanced sampling systems used for many different purposes from food, grain, oilseed, pulses, chemistry, mines, fertilizers.

Our products are manufactured in the country's first and only R&D Center approved by the Ministry of Industry with the logic of innovation for the future of humanity with technical features far superior to its foreign competitors. In addition, our products stand out in the world with extraordinary after-sales warranty and support services.

Bastak Foreign Trade Company, established in 2002, actively exports to more than 150 countries and currently has more than 20.000 devices in operation worldwide. Our devices are manufactured in our own factory with a closed area of 7000 m² with the support of our technical and quality control personnel, engineers, the world's most advanced machinery, state-of-the-art production lines and our R&D center. In addition to our own quality control laboratories, our company controls the quality control of the devices it produces with performance tests (ring tests) in 80 countries every month. Our group companies employ a total of 265 personnel, 195 of whom are engineers.

Our companies are members of IAOM and AACC in the USA, ICC in Europe and DESMUD in Turkey.  Our devices have the world's most respected quality standards and certificates; ICC Standard No.189, EN ISO 9001, CE, Bipea, FSSC 22000, US and European Utility Models and Patents, Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) Accredited Laboratory, TSE Service Competence Certificate.

Bastak Technology Systems Company: 52 quality control devices, robotic sampling systems and the only company in the world that can produce 35 types of flour additives;

Why Bastak?

To Optimize Your Investments;

- Free laboratory feasibility and technical consultancy services for customized solutions for your company.

To Guarantee High Technology and High Quality;

- Free factory tours, live or online product demonstrations, demos and performance tests.

To Increase Your Production Efficiency;

- Fast delivery of equipment, spare parts and consumables anywhere in the world.

To Continuously Increase the Knowledge and Expertise Level of Your Operators;

- Free webinars and online technical training 6 days a week, whenever you need it.

To Answer All Your Questions in the Fastest Way;

- Audio and video technical support six (6) days a week with Whatsapp Chat groups.

To Reduce Your Operation and Maintenance Costs;

- 10 years of economical spare parts and consumables.

To Meet All Your Needs at Once;

- 72 Quality Control Devices for Turnkey Solutions.

For Perfect Customer Satisfaction All Over the World;

- Sales and technical support in 6 (six) different languages; Turkish, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic

For You to Earn More Money and More Customers;

- On-site Warranty and On-site Technical Support services.

For Accurate Results Every Time;

High quality Bastak instruments give you accurate results every time with test repeatability and test reproducibility. This gives your business a unique added value and protects you and all your customers against any "financial and prestige" losses.

Instead of procuring your devices separately from many companies with different sales and warranty terms, you can solve all your needs from A to Z (as a package solution) with state-of-the-art technology devices from a single point and in one go. In order to contact us, to answer your needs and questions, all our sales and technical support teams in 6 different languages in Turkey and abroad will be happy to support and assist you.

BASTAK is the only choice for all these unrivaled customer services described above.

Our group's Expert Laboratory Services Company, founded in 1996, is the largest, first and only accredited classifier laboratory in Turkey. With its 83 laboratories and 175 expert engineer staff, it performs 250.000 tests annually throughout the country. Our company meticulously classifies 3 million tons of grains, oilseeds and legumes on behalf of the Republic of Turkey with its expert engineers.

Our group has also invested in renewable energy under the name of Solarray Company, which was established in 1997, in order to respect nature and leave a livable world for future generations.

With the Hero Innovation Company established in 2020, our Group produces high-tech products needed by the defense industry.

Through Al?nteri Lidas A.?., established in 2021, our Group has also invested in ensuring or increasing food safety, which has become very important in the world, and has commissioned 39,000 tons of grain, oilseed and legume facilities.