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Sample Divider | Riffle Divider 13100

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Sensitive Nutrition

High Efficiency

Monoblock Study Body

Standard Grinding

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Genel Bilgi

Riffle type divider Bastak brand, 13100 model.
Benchtop type.
It divides the product to be analyzed into two equal parts homogeneously.
The sample to be analyzed is poured into the hinged container from the upper side of the device so the sample is mixed thoroughly by passing through separates, and the sample is divided into two homogeny samples.
The sample divided into two are collected in two separate collection containers.
Thus very close results are taken from the parallel (double) analyses made for these samples.
It is made out of stainless steel.
It has an anti-corrosion warranty.
The price of the Riffle type dividers is very reasonable.
The riffle splitter is a static and fractional sub-sampling device that can be used for dividing a lot of dry particulate material into two half-lots. 

Teknik Özellikler

Volt/hz 380v - 50/60hz
Cihaz Ölçüleri
En"mm" x Boy "mm" x Yükseklik "mm"  /  Ağırlık kg
220 x 360 x 270mm / 7Kg
Paket Ölçüleri
En"mm" x Boy "mm" x Yükseklik "mm"  / Ağırlık kg
230 x 390 x310/ 8K

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