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NIR Grain Analyzer DA-9000

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Sensitive Nutrition

High Efficiency

Monoblock Study Body

Standard Grinding

Personal Security

Genel Bilgi

    • The instrument is Bastak brand DA-9000 model.

    • It can analysis grains without grinding

    • It can analysis wheat within 20 seconds.

    • It can make a direct analysis of powder products such as flour.

    • It can make protein, moisture, ash, gluten and sedimentation analysis.

    • There is no need to use any chemical during the analysis.

    • The NIR DA-9000 measures between the waves lengths of 908-1694 nm.

    • And also it is portable and can be used at field or laboratory.

    • A heavy duty rechargeable billet-in battery with the instrument.

    • There is no need to purchase different devices for flour and wheat because it can make analyses by replacing only sample container for grain products and powder products.

    • It makes data exchange with the computer by means of 2.0 USB input.

    • The liquid cooling fan system allows the analysis at the constant temperature.

    • It has 10.1 inches sized and 1280x800 pixel resolution touch-screen.

    • The outside dimensions of the device are 430x420x410 mm and its net weight is 12 kg.

    • The instrument is powered by 220 V or it can be charged and used.

Teknik Özellikler

Volt/hz 230v - 50/60hz
Cihaz Ölçüleri
En"mm" x Boy "mm" x Yükseklik "mm"  /  Ağırlık kg
430 x 420 x 410mm / 12Kg
Paket Ölçüleri
En"mm" x Boy "mm" x Yükseklik "mm"  / Ağırlık kg
53 x 64 x 44 / 25Kg

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