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  • Beakers are simple cylindrical shaped containers used to hold reagents or samples.

  • Flasks are narrow-necked glass containers, typically conical or spherical, used in a laboratory to hold reagents or samples.

  • Bottles are containers with narrow openings generally used to store reagents or samples. Small bottles are called vials.

  • Jars are cylindrical containers with wide openings that may be sealed. Bell jars are used to contain vacuums.

  • Watch glasses are shallow glass dishes used as an evaporating surface or to cover a beaker.

  • Graduated cylinders are cylindrical containers used for volumetric measurements.

  • Stirring rods are used to mix chemicals.

  • Burettes are used to disperse precise amounts of liquid reagents.

  • Condensers are used to cool hot liquids or vapors.

  • Funnels are used to get materials through a narrow opening.

  • Desiccators of glass construction are used to dry materials or keep material dry.

  • Glass tubes are cylindrical pieces of glassware used to hold or transport materials.

  • Glass retorts are used for distillation.

  • Glass pipettes are used to transport precise quantities of fluids.

  • Test tubes are used by chemists to hold, mix, or heat small quantities of solid or liquid chemicals, especially for qualitative experiments and assays

  • Glass petri dishes are used to culture living cells.

  • Drying pistols are used to free samples from traces of water, or other impurities.

  • Glass evaporating dishes are used to evaporate materials.

  • Microscope slides are thin strips used to hold items under a microscope.

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