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Falling Number | Alpha Amylase Enzymes Meter 5100

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About the Machine

Bastak Instruments Brand - ALPHA AMYLASE ENZYMES METER 5100 model.

enzyme activity is automatically measured in flour and wheat flour (SPROUT DAMAGE DETECTION).

FN (FALLING NUMBER) measuring mode is used for determination of natural alpha-amylase enzymes.

FFN (FUNGAL FALLING NUMBER) measuring mode is used for determination of total (micro-biological + natural) alpha-amylase enzymes.

Two samples can be tested at once.

By adjusting the altitude:

Instrument automatically adjusts the boiling temperature.

Instruments will correct the values depending on the altitude.

During installation company information: company name, company address, company phone, fax numbers and web are saved in the instrument.

Every sample can be given a unique name.

Print out comes with company information, name of sample, and normal and corrected results.

Average between two samples can be calculated automatically by a press of button.

Malt percentage then can be added to flour can be calculated automatically by a press of button.

Mixing Rate between two samples can be calculated automatically by a press of button.

Sample weight to the moisture can be calculated automatically by a press of button.

FN results to the moisture can be calculated automatically by a press of button.

Liquefaction coefficients (LC) of the samples can be calculated automatically by a press of button.

LCD Graphic screen for easy control of all steps and shos (Date, Time, Water Temperature, Sample Names and operation status of the device (running, printing, stop… etc.))

Sensitive sensor for Water level, shows water level low and water level high on the screen with an alert sound.

28 function buttons for easy control of all steps.

Instrument comes with full accessories and necessary consumables for running.

Dimensions: 555x470x190 mm // Net Weight 27 Kg.


What is the HAGBERG Number?

The method for determining sprout damage is called the HAGBERG Number and measured by the Falling Number in seconds.



The internationally standardized and most popular method for the determination of Sprout Damage.


Why to Detect SPROUT DAMAGE?

The Falling Number System used to measure the Activity of the ALPHA-AMYLASE Enzymes in Wheat Flour mainly and also can be used for Ray, Barley and Sorghum to detect the sprout damage, in order to get the best enzyme activity for flour and make sure the grains you are buying are healthy and worth it because the activity of Alpha-Amylase is the key for a high quality product such as (Pasta, Noodles, Bread, cookies, Biscuits and many other products).


What are the Benefits of FALLING NUMBER MACHINE?

Grain Traders:

Having knowledge of the Falling Number results would give you a great idea about the Wheat quality and so the wheat can be fairly priced. Also classification of wheat which has different values of falling number is one of the most important facts to traders.


Flour Millers:

Milling a stable, consist and up to the standards flour is an every miller target, so in order to get the requested or needed FN values the Falling Number test would be the ideal solution. One of the most important income profit for millers is flour blending of various types of FN values. Measuring the Falling Number to get the best benefits before and after adding Alpha-Amylase enzyme additive to the flour.


End User:

Double check newly received or stored flour is very important to maintain consist and sable final product, Bakery also might prefer to manipulate their own flour in the same way the millers do.


Quality Control:

Make sure that the in-coming and out-going product are up to the standards and so satisfy both Owner and End-user.


How does the ALPHA-AMYLASE ENZYMES show its activity?

The Falling Number test shows the effect of the ALPHA-AMYLASE Enzymes on the starch granules in the flour which gelatinization, and progressively cleaved by the amylase action. The mixture of water and flour leads to Enzymes activity under a certain temperature (100° at 0 sea level) then the Falling Number results are calculated, if the result shows low numbers means the enzymatic activity is high and shows that the starch is broken down (liquefied) rapidly during gelatinization so ideal FN results are 250s-280s but if the result show high numbers means that the enzymatic activity is low and so at 600 FN results we can understand that there is no ALPHA-AMYLASE activity in the flour.


How the Results of FALLING NUMBER is calculated?

The results of the Falling Number is calculated in second of falling the stirrer from the zero point of drop to the end of the test tube in a certain weight of stirrer passing through the mixture of flour and water after gelatinization.

Teknik Özellikler

Volt/ Hertz 230v - 50/60hz
Amper 5A
Güç 700W
Cihaz Ölçüleri
En"mm" x Boy "mm" x Yükseklik "mm"  /  Ağırlık kg
185-215x 460-430x 550-65/ 32 Kg
Paket Ölçüleri
En"mm" x Boy "mm" x Yükseklik "mm"  / Ağırlık kg
28 x 35 x 108 / 39Kg

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