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Bread Volume Meter 13300

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The Bastak branded model 13300 Volume Testing  Device is designed for volumetric testing of oblong and round bakery products.

The operation of this device is based on the measurement of the volume of millet grains, whose volume is equal to that of the tested bakery product.

The device is used in laboratories in the bakery industry for quality inspection of bakery products as well as for processing control.

It works mechanically, thus it requires no electrical source.

Its ergonomic design enables mobility and it is easy to use

Outside dimensions of the device are 660x551x1570 mm and its weight is 20 kg.

Teknik Özellikler

Cihaz Ölçüleri
En"mm" x Boy "mm" x Yükseklik "mm"  /  Ağırlık kg
540 x 650 x 1600mm
Paket Ölçüleri
En"mm" x Boy "mm" x Yükseklik "mm"  / Ağırlık kg

Lab Test

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