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Ashing Furnace 12000 | Muffle Furnace

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Genel Bilgi

The device is Bastak branded and its model is 12.000.
It is used for determining ash amount in the samples of flour and wheat at the flour factories.
The device is used in the tests intended for burning at high temperature in the industries other than flour industry.
It has a usable interior volume of 3 dm3.
It covers very less space at the laboratory. It can analyze 15 samples in one go. Its maximum temperature is 1000 oC.
Its usage temperature is between 400–950 oC.
It can operate for 100 hours continuously. Its thermostat adjustment sensitivity is 1 centigrade degree.
The inside dimensions of the device are 140x110x200 mm and outside dimensions are 320x410x350 mm.
Its net weight is 20 kg.
It operates with a power of 1500 W.

Teknik Özellikler

Volt/ Hertz 230v - 50/60hz
Güç 1500W
Cihaz Ölçüleri
En"mm" x Boy "mm" x Yükseklik "mm"  /  Ağırlık kg
320 x 390 x 410 
Paket Ölçüleri
En"mm" x Boy "mm" x Yükseklik "mm"  / Ağırlık kg
450 x 480 x 970 / 35Kg

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