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We have different models having a sensitivity of 0,0001 gr (0.1 mg) from Axis, Shinko brands. 

Without using external grams, the device makes its internal calibration automatically in every start-up.

Some models have computer and printer connections. In this way, it is possible to save weighing values into an archive.

There are air windows on the device intended for preventing the effect of the wind. In this way, the result is prevented from being effected in sensitive weighing.

It is used in ash analyse in flour factories. Moreover, it is used in very sensitive general weighing having a sensitivity of 0,0001.

All weighing accessories of the device are made of stainless material, and its frame is made of plastic material in order to prevent it from being effected by air conditions and chemical substances.

The outside dimensions of the device and its net weight change depending on the models.

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Analytical balances 0.0001 gr