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About Bastak


Our company founder Zeki Demirtaşoğlu, born in 1971 in Çankırı, graduated from Mehmet Rüştü Uzel Chemical High School. Later, he got into Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Food Engineering. After graduating from the Department of Food Engineering, he received a master's degree in microbiology. Demirtaşoğlu, who predicts that the biggest economic contribution to our country in this process is the development of production and production methods, was founded in 1999 by Bastak Teknoloji Sistemleri Ltd. Şti. established his firm in Ankara. Flour and wheat quality control laboratory devices such as enzyme meter, moisture meter, gluten washer, grain sampler were added to the product portfolio in the factory where the production of flour additives was first started. Today, 43 types of quality control devices and 35 types of flour additives are produced. 

Zeki Demirtaşoğlu continues his work and success in the sector with different tasks. He is the founder and active president of the Association of Millers and Sector Machinery (DESMUD). This milling industry associations and achievements thanks to Turkey, Turkey has also begun to be introduced immediately after first country in the world. Demirtaşoğlu, who is also the founder of another non-governmental organization, the World Defense and Global Risks Association, is also the active president of this association.