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Bastak Group, 20 Years of Laboratory Experience and

Provides Service By Using Its Technical Infrastructure With A Solution Focus


 Today, the success story of Bastak Group, which is preferred by the market with its product range and quality; It started with the establishment of Bastak Instruments in 1999 by our Chairman of the Board of Directors Zeki Demirtaşoğlu. Our company, which started its business life by producing quality control devices and additives, continued to grow by establishing the Foreign Trade Unit in 2003. Established in 2014, Bastak Analytics continues its activities in 95 countries with its Foreign Trade Unit and more than 50 distributors. Founded in 2016 Bastak Laboratory is the first and only private sector organizations authorized classifier certificate in Turkey. To the Licensed Warehouse with a total capacity of 750 000 tons of more than 30 under its control; provides analysis, authoritative classification, consultancy and control services.

First of all, our company started to produce flour additives and then produced Zeleny Sedimentation, Gluten index, Hectoliter devices. Gluten Washing, Enzyme Meter, Moisture Meters, Laboratory Mills, Sample Cleaning, Automatic Sampling, Sample Dividers, Bread Volume Meter, Pellet Analyzer, Sieve Shaking, Ash Oven, Fume Hood, NIR Spectrophotometer, Absograph & Resistograph, especially flour, oilseeds, legumes. continues to produce laboratory quality control devices and automatic sampling systems for wheat and other grains.

Our group of companies established Expert Laboratory Services Company in 2017. In the same year, T.C. classifier taking official document from the Ministry of Commerce of the world and produce both devices in Turkey was the first and only company to offer services in both official classifier. Expert Laboratory Services Agency, Turkey opened 63 new branches across the country and 135 persons authorized by the competent team of engineers Classifier is the company's largest and most serious.

Bastak Group has decided to invest in the renewable energy sector, considering the future of our world, which is getting dirty every day. In 2018, it took over the 2.6-megawatt GES facility by installing solar panels on a 40-decare land in Kırşehir. Every day was established to meet the growing energy needs of these facilities, but also to reduce dependence on foreign energy independent Turkey Our goal continues to work with the country.

Founded in 2014, Smart Trade was established for the organization of the export activities carried out by the Bastak Group Company since 2002. Our company Smart Foreign Trade, with its distributors in 40 countries, has been adding new ones to its sales network day by day. Our company participates in more than 40 fairs, seminars and organizations every year.